October 22, 2021

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The Rejection of Apostasy | Rising Kashmir

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To introduce his apostasy, Ibn Warraq has written his ebook ‘Why I am not a Muslim’, which he has primarily based on the Orientalist resources about Islam. He himself says: “In a discussion with Eckermann, Goethe suggested an creator accused of plagiarism to say “what is there is mine, and whether or not I obtained it from a guide or from lifetime is of no consequence. The only point is, whether or not I have created a appropriate use of it.” Some people are advising us to examine ‘Why I am not a Muslim’ by Ibn Waraq and ‘Why I am not a Christian by Bertrand Russell’. 


I will not chat about Russell in this compose up. He calls Nietzsche a Sufi and Marx a mystic, Heidegger and article modernists, Sufis in orientation. He extols Ibn Arabi on Ibn Taimiyah and even Sirhindi and supports Wahdat al-Wujud more than Wahdat al-Shuhud. They lament that the theological solution has introduced us to this impasse in spiritual issues, so we all need to have to resort to Sufi approach and that too which has been endorsed by William Chitick, Nasr and all others who all are not any scholars of Islamic religion however they may possibly be college students of Islamic scientific tests, in most cases students of Muslim philosophy, which does not qualify them to be regarded as as authorities on Islam. 


About Ibn Waraq I just want to quote his very first traces with which he begins his ebook: “As quickly as I was capable to imagine for myself, and I discarded all the religious dogmas that experienced been foisted on me. I now consider myself a secular humanist who believes that all religions are sick men’s dreams, false—demonstrably false—and pernicious.”


He phone calls his reserve as his “war effort” and blames Islam for “new murders in the title of God and Islam dedicated in Algeria or Iran or Turkey or the Sudan” without having contextualising them in the background of their various results in other than faith. He will take refuge in “the words of the fantastic John Stuart Mill, and these of his greatest present day admirer, Von Hayek” for crafting an offensive guide on Islam beneath the untrue pretence: “. . . To deprecate the value of intellectual flexibility because it will never ever signify for every person the identical risk of independent assumed is totally to miss out on the motives which give intellectual flexibility its worth. What is essential to make it serve its purpose as the prime mover of intellectual progress is not that every person might be able to think or compose anything at all, but that any induce or plan might be argued by somebody”. 


Therefore the source of all understanding possessed by Ibn Warraq is Western and he had relied on Orientalists to criticise Islam. He has come to be self-imposed decide to make a decision from Islam due to the fact of his scanty expertise based on Western resources which are currently biased to the main, about Islam. He acknowledged his indebtedness to the western thought: “And so to the existing work. This e-book is all about a journey: a journey from the certainties of childhood in a Muslim household (but they could be any childhood certainties) via a system of doubt and, lastly, negation, as a final result of publicity to what some may possibly dismiss as a “Western” way of imagining about revealed faith.”


As Ibn Warraq locates just about every great factor in science or artwork or philosophy in external influences on Islam so some folks want us to consider in a Sufism propounded by the non-Muslim or half Muslim writers who have introduced Sufism as an alternative to Islam in other words and phrases. See how Ibn Warraq discredits all the Islamic contribution to awareness unashamedly and with what a mediocrity: “As a result, the innovative impulse underlying Islamic artwork, Islamic philosophy, Islamic science, and Islamic literature arrived from outside Islam…., from get in touch with with older civilizations with a richer heritage. Inventive, philosophical, and scientific traditions have been fully lacking in Arabia. Only poetry emerged from the Arab past, and its ongoing creative imagination owed minor to precisely Islamic inspiration. Without Byzantine artwork and Sassanian artwork there would have been no Islamic artwork Islam…. [Being] hostile to its progress. Likewise, devoid of the affect of Greek philosophy and Greek science there would not have been Islamic philosophy or Islamic science, for Islam [was]… certainly sick-disposed to these “international sciences.” For the orthodox, Islamic philosophy was a contradiction in terms, and Islamic science futile. (p-2)


He additional speaks nonsense in nonsensical stance:  “Theoretically Islam ……, the Koran, and Islamic law condemn wine chinking and homosexuality in fact, Islamic civilization tolerates the two. Even so, the sharia however does govern the methods in particular locations of human life, for example, the relatives (relationship, divorce, and so forth.).”



(Author is Head, Division of Religious Scientific studies, Central College of Kashmir. Previous Director, Shah-i-Hamadan Institute of Islamic Scientific tests, University of Kashmir Srinagar. He can be reached on [email protected])


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