October 22, 2021

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Jordan’s new Earth Heritage Web site is cited for harmony and hospitality

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On a mid-August check out to Salt, Jordan, the world’s most recent UNESCO World Heritage Web-site, tourists were greeted warmly by entire strangers. “Please have lunch with me,” they said, and intended it. In fact, UNESCO’s citation declared the city a “Place of Tolerance and Urban Hospitality.”

Located strategically on the trade and pilgrimage routes amongst Damascus and Jerusalem, and amongst the Mediterranean Sea and the Arabian Peninsula, Salt grew from an agricultural village into a flourishing hillside city that attracted residents from across the Levant, Turkey, Arabia, the Caucasus, and west Asia.

Why We Wrote This

In Salt, Jordan, the world’s newest UNESCO Entire world Heritage Web site, creating procedures and lived record have established a showcase for interfaith and communal harmony – and hospitality.

For hundreds of years, Salt people would home and feed vacationers – presenting at least three days of lodging, no concerns requested. Not a one hotel was constructed in the town, as it was considered “shameful” not to host a guest in one’s property.

“Here we welcome all, and we embrace each individual human being,” claims Abu Ali, awaiting his turn at backgammon in the twin shadows of the town’s Wonderful Mosque and Anglican Church. He details to his compatriots of different faiths and tribes embroiled in matches. 

“We don’t see Muslim, Christian, tribes, or urbanites – we see each and every other’s humanity, and the humanity in all who take a look at.”

SALT, Jordan

Welcome to the world’s newest UNESCO Planet Heritage Web site, a breezy hillside town perched higher than the Jordan Valley that is celebrated for, nicely, its legendary hospitality.

In Salt, record and economics have assisted generate a distinctive blend of cultures and faiths and a harmony of yellow-gold stone structures and neighborhood.

Never believe it? Simply question the city’s elders.

Why We Wrote This

In Salt, Jordan, the world’s latest UNESCO Entire world Heritage Web page, developing tactics and lived historical past have produced a showcase for interfaith and communal harmony – and hospitality.

You can locate them every working day gathered in the Ain Plaza, previously the web site of clean springs and now the town square in the twin shadows of Salt’s Good Mosque and Anglican Church.

They will gladly inform you how their hospitality and way of existence have been passed from era to generation – if they have time.

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