October 21, 2021

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Fractal burning approach sparks creative imagination for artist Lauren Walker

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Deep in the bogs and marshes of English folklore — and possibly in the swamps of the humid Florida Panhandle — a traveler might encounter blue flashes of ghostly lights, or will-‘o-the-wisps. When experts right now chalk up the natural phenomena to the breakdown of natural and organic matter releasing a cocktail of brightly colored gases, tales about will-‘o-the-wisps captured artist Lauren Walker’s imagination.

The fantasy serves as the story at the rear of naming her wood resin artwork business, “WillioWisps.” 

“Travelers made use of to believe they had been souls of very little children making an attempt to enjoy with them or lure them in,” suggests Walker. “You shouldn’t go near a single for the reason that you’ll sink into the swamp. When winter season arrived and the swamps froze around, persons would see a hand or a foot sticking up from the mud and would say the will-o’-the-wisp bought that man or woman.” 

Lauren Walker loves to give her pieces a glow-in-the-dark finish, and will add resins, paints and glitters into the cracks of the burns to make them glow like otherworldly firelight

Whilst Walker is fascinated by the thriller surrounding these flashing fairy lights, she wields her possess sort of magic wand in the studios at Railroad Square’s Ready Artists Gallery. Walker’s signature design uses fractal burning, also regarded as Lichtenberg.

The approach creates visuals on wooden working with higher-voltage electric power and a conductive answer. Donning safety equipment, she burns her wood and bone parts in the basic safety of her garage at residence prior to having them to the gallery to put on the ending touches. 

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