September 25, 2022

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Exploring Robin Hood Camp’s World Class Instructional Courses with Rick Littlefield

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Exploring Robin Hood Camp’s World Class Instructional Courses with Rick Littlefield

Bordering a beautiful freshwater lake on one side and the mighty Atlantic on the other, Robin Hood Camp would be an incredible summer destination based on its location alone. According to the camp director and owner Rick Littlefield, though, there is plenty more to love about Robin Hood Camp aside from its breathtaking locale – including Robin Hood Camp’s exceptional instructional courses. 

“We want the kids who attend Robin Hood Camp to enjoy every minute,” Rick Littlefield says. “But we also strive to teach them things along the way. The instructional courses we offer are a great way for campers to make lasting memories while also learning new and exciting skills.”

To this end, Robin Hood Camp has spared no expense. Just a selection of the world-class instructional courses that campers can look forward to attending at Robin Hood Camp include courses such as: 

  • A wakeboard academy led by six-time wakeboard world champion Dean Lavelle 
  • A soccer program led by Olympic and collegiate coach Bruce Groshong 
  • A golf academy and program led by PGA pro-Dave Deheras
  • A squash academy led by Harvard squash coach Hameed Ahmed 
  • Fly fishing lessons from professional fishing guide Dan Ryan

While this list of instructional courses alone would be more than enough to set Robin Hood Camp apart from the vast majority of children’s summer camps, Rick Littlefield hasn’t stopped there. In addition to these courses, Robin Hood Camp also offers archery courses instructed by a member of Mexico’s national team, kickboxing courses from Pacific Rim Muy Thai Kickboxing Champion Nghia Tran, courses in chess, tennis, sailing, photography, mountain biking, and beyond. 

According to Rick Littlefield, these instructional courses are a big part of what makes a camper’s time at Robin Hood Camp so special. “So many of the activities that we offer require a little practice and training to really enjoy,” Rick explains. “You can’t just pick up fly fishing or wakeboarding for the first time and expect to be good at it. Tying these activities in with instructional courses taught by some of the most qualified instructors in the world enables us to make sure that every camper is able to receive the instruction they need to participate in all of the camp’s activities.”

Rick Littlefield also says that people tend to be surprised when they see the list of instructional courses that Robin Hood Camp offers. “Campers, and especially their parents, are definitely a little shocked by some of the names they see on our list of instructors. You wouldn’t necessarily expect to see people as accomplished as Dave Deheras or Dean Lavelle teaching at a children’s summer camp. But I’m so happy to have them and I can’t say enough about how much these instructors do to make Robin Hood Camp a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I’m thankful for them, that’s for sure.”

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