December 7, 2022

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Experience the true Amsterdam culture at the Moco Museum

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Experience the true Amsterdam culture at the Moco Museum

Everybody has a bucket list of places they want to visit. Often they link these locations to specific things that they want to do once they are there. For example, I really wanted to visit Paris, so I could see the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and experience the French culture. I also really want to go to America still and do a road trip around the east coast. Sadly, the pandemic has restricted us greatly in our ability to travel. The last couple of months were a breath of fresh air. Finally, we were able to travel again. Obviously, I immediately seized this opportunity. A city that I’ve always wanted to visit was Amsterdam. I love the Amsterdam culture, their party scene, and their unique architecture. I was there last month and the city did not disappoint. Even though there were still some restrictions, Amsterdam was a lot of fun in a lot of surprising ways. One of the biggest surprises of the trip was the Moco Museum.

What is the Moco Museum

I can understand it if you have never heard of the Moco Museum before. This museum has two locations, one in Barcelona and another one in Amsterdam. The Moco Museum is centered, in my mind, around presenting contemporary and classical art in a fun and informal way. This is in stark contrast to Amsterdam’s other major museum; the Rijksmuseum. The Moco Museum allows you to watch and experience art in an unique way. It is informal, fun, and open. Nothing here is weird. Everything is acceptable. The Moco Museum features works of art of modern and old artist such as Mark Rothko. The exhibition “The Kid” I think is a perfect representation of the museum and of their embodiment of the Amsterdam culture. It is refreshing, new, and free, which is everything that Amsterdam is as well.

Visiting the museum

Off course, visiting the museum if completely optionally. I can completely understand it if you are mainly in Amsterdam for their exciting party-scene. However, should you feel the need to experience the Dutch culture on a less alcoholic level, feel free to go to the Moco Museum. Especially for tourist, it gives you a good idea of what it feels like to be Dutch. The exhibition are straightforward, open-minded and creative, which is everything that Amsterdam is as well. That is why I love it.

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