October 22, 2021

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Artist Produces Stunning Mosaics of Greek Independence Heroes

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Grigoris Kalagias’ mosaic version of the painting “Nikos Mitropoulos hoists the flag at Salona,” by Louis Dupré. Picture Courtesy of Grigoris Kalagias.

Greek mosaic artist Grigoris Kalagias makes beautiful artworks when preserving his country’s historical past alive and obtainable for this era and the types to occur.

Kalagias has put in the previous two several years performing on an very intricate and essential venture which aims to honor the bicentennial of the Greek Revolution by reinterpreting famous artworks which depict the conflict in mosaic kind.

Greek mosaic artist Kalagias

Kalagias, who is one of the leading figures in the art of mosaics, has designed jaw-dropping artwork parts for a selection of purchasers, including church buildings throughout Greece and private consumers on islands across the Aegean and Ionian Seas.

In an special job interview with Greek Reporter, Kalagias delved into how he bought into mosaics as an adult subsequent a life time of being concerned in artwork.

“When I was youngster I beloved drawing, and as I grew more mature I finally bought into mosaics. This may possibly have been because there were being some to be located in the region I lived in,” reminisced Kalagias. 

Mosaics can be discovered all all around Greece, and are specially well known kinds of decor in churches and hotels. This historical design of art is almost everywhere and integrated into people’s each day lives, definitely aiding metropolitan areas, towns and villages occur alive.

“You only do mosaics if you enjoy them. It  is surely an artwork defined by tolerance,” he clarifies.

“At the beginning I needed to replicate artworks by Byzantine artists. I put in 16-hour times for 4 months to recreate a piece and I would not promote it for the world,” states Kalagias of his determination to his craft and the relevance of loving what you do, particularly if it is some thing as painstakingly comprehensive as the art of mosaics. 

Kalagias places an serious value on the supplies that he takes advantage of to make his masterpieces, opting to constantly use pure resources for them. Despite the fact that these times there are several artificially-coloured mosaic parts which can allow for a broader coloration palette, Kalagias searches for pebbles, stones and marble which can convey the exact same issue of check out without the need of looking synthetic.

A video of Kalagias’ method is shown below.

A gorgeous artwork challenge devoted to 1821

The bicentennial of the Greek Independence is celebrated all this yr, of course, and Greeks have banded collectively to commemorate this important milestone in a multitude of means.

Just one of these is the “Bicentennial Initiative 1821-2021,” a huge task which consists of museum exhibitions, artwork projects, and events all centered around the Greek War of Independence.

This initiative has been funded by a extensive list of institutions and donors, with the continued guidance and involvement of the Greek Ministry of Tradition and Sporting activities.

Greek mosaic artist
Kalagias doing work on his tribute to “The sinking of the Turkish flagship by Kanaris” by Nikiforos Lytras. Picture Courtesy of Grigoris Kalagias.

“Two many years back, I reported to one of my pals: ‘shouldn’t we do a little something, some type of exhibit, to rejoice the bicentennial?’” Kalagias clarifies, recounting how his involvement in the Bicentennial Initiative came to be. 

Sooner or later, he settled on the notion of reinterpreting the art medium of 10 renowned paintings which depict scenes from the Greek War of Independence. Kalagias made a decision to dedicate two several years to building mosaics which rejoice Greece’s record and the men and women who fought to get the region where it is nowadays.

He has reimagined exceptionally impactful pieces this sort of as “Nikos Mitropoulos hoists the flag at Salona,” by Louis Dupré, which depicts the Struggle of Amfissa.

Kalagias spoke about the piece he is now performing on, which is named “After the Destruction of Psara,” by Nikolaos Gyzis.

“Now I am starting ‘After the Destruction of Psarra’, and we will also do a mosaic seminar. And it will be so diverse to other art areas for the reason that below the concept will be ‘please contact the art’ which is completely reverse of the ordinary rules of engagement in these spaces,” Kalagias elaborated. 

An enduring Greek art kind

Mosaics have been the delight and pleasure of Greek art for hundreds of years.

Whilst some may perhaps take into consideration them archaic, they keep on as a thriving artwork variety to this day, equally in Greece and abroad.

“There are a good deal of people today that are included in mosaic-producing nonetheless in artwork faculties in Greece there isn’t a main or concentration presented in mosaics. Most persons are self-taught.

“And that signifies they have their very own particular person potential and knowledge to go on. You may perhaps have expertise on how mosaics utilized to function and be produced but today’s requirements are different,” mentioned the Greek mosaic artist about the artwork type. 

He also touched on the background of mosaics, and how they came to be these types of an influential design and style of artwork across the globe.

“The art of mosaic-generating begun simply because people wanted to make floorings in the Cycladic Islands.

“The very first mosaics, from what I have recognized as a result of my investigate, had been created in Greece,” Kalagias stated. 

How fitting it is to use a Greek art form to rejoice Greece alone!

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